Hawaii photography trip 4

We went to Hawaii island (Big Island) to check them out what they have. we are going to start tours on Hawaii Island (Big Island) as a photographer.

Day 1,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side and Night time: Mauna Kea

Day 2,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side and Night time: Sacred Lake

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Day 3
Daytime: Holoholo at Kona town and Night time: Sacred Lake

Please go to http://hawaiirealnaturetours.com/hawaii-photography-trip-2

Day 4,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side and Night time: Lava viewing site

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Day 5,

Daytime, Lava tree

When a lava flow swept through a forest of Ohia trees in Pahoa (45 min from Hilo) in the 1700s, it created a permanent mold of the tree trunks it went rushing past. These molds still stand today, a unique reminder of mother nature’s power.

This Lava tree state monument park

Do I reccomend to go there? mmmm If you have time or if you are going to Issac hale beach park to get a Lava boat or you stay at Pahoa, yes why not but if you stay at Kona or Hilo and you have so much things to do this lava tree park you can skip. It is very interesting but it is not impressed park i guess but pleas note if you are going to go Issac hale beach park for lava boat ride, this park is very close so stop by!

Night time: Lava Boat

You can choose from , sunrise tour, day time tour, sunset tour and night time tour. I went to sunset tour, I think it was best but I cannot compare to other tours that I haven’t been other time tours.

Photography: if you have DSLR and know how to take picture at dark you should go sunset time. if you have average camera or smartphone you should go day time tour to get good pictures.

This lava boat tour is one of the tour I really wanted to go! They can go close to Lava flow to the Ocean. It is amazing view. Most of the tour goes $200 to $220 plus tax for 2 hours ride with 30+ passenger. seeing the lava is about 30min which is enough time to enjoy. Yes it is over priced but all boats are almost same price so cannot complain, welcome to Hawaii. This price and this viewing would I go again as a photographer Yes I would. The boat I went, crews are really nice, when they realized I am photographer they invited me to a space behind a captain so I can take good pictures. That was very very appreciative.

Lava is alive, moving a lot. This is only one of the place a lava is meeting the Ocean. There is the Hawaiian legend Pele (volcano goddness) and Pele’s sister (Ocean goddness) are flighting

We are based on Oahu but private Hawaii Island (Big island) tours are available, especially for photographer or photography lover, please contact us.

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To be continued

Day 6,
Daytime: Daytime: Honoholo at Hilo town
Night time: Lava viewing

Day 7,
Daytime: Look for Iiwi
Night time: Halemaumau creator

Day 8,
Rainbow fall, black sand beach, south point and come back to Oahu.


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