Hawaii photography trip

We went to Hawaii island (Big island) to check them out what they have. we are going to start tours on Hawaii Island (Big island) as a photographer.

Day one,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side
Hawaii Island is where you must go jump in water. Clear blue water, beautiful coral, amazing marinee life, School of butterfly fish and Honu: Hawaiian green sea turtles are every where maybe you will see Naia: spinner dolphins. You don’t have to go on the boat tours, you can find beaches where you can go snorkeling.

Night time: Mauna kea
Mauna kea is the highest mountain in Hawaii Islands. It is 13,802 ft, 4,207 m. When measured from its oceanic base, Mauna Kea is over 10,000 m (33,000 ft) tall and is the tallest mountain on Earth which means it is a good way to see the sunset, sunrise or stars. This is Hawaiian sacred place. We saw a person who was smoking and he just throw away the cigarette butt on our aina (grand)!!!! That kind of people does not deserve to visit here! Respect Hawaiian culture not only that, the even 3-year-old child should know you do not through the trash on the ground or nature or anywhere!!!
(We pick it up and put water then throw away in the trash bin.)

We went to just before the sunset and wait for the stars but unfortunately, it was almost full moon and sprinkling. It was about 40F or 4.5C. I was wearing snowboarding jacket and pants. (No movement so it is still COLD!) after 7 pm, the sun went down, a full moon was behind me and sprinkling, seems like no luck for the shooting milky way then unexpectedly double rainbow with moonlight! HOW LUCKY WE ARE!!!

Day 2,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side

Sippner dolphins in Hawaii island is very special time. They are more relax and seems like enjoying with time with human. Oahu dolphins are too abused by tourist boats and people from shore. Feel them before you run to them.

Night time: Sacred Lake

This is super sacred place in Hawaii. One of the highest lake in USA, located 13,020 ft/3,970 m. There are two additional snow deities, Lilinoe and Waiau, who are associated with Mauna Kea, and according to Westervelt, the lake was probably named after the goddess of the same, who used to bathe in it. Originally, Hawaiians considered the whole peak region of Mauna Kea, including Lake Waiau, a sacred site, and only priests and chieftains were allowed to access it. Later, after the formation of the Hawaiian kingdom, the peak region was occasionally visited by members of the royal family. The last one to do so was queen Emma in 1881, who also took a bath in the lake during her visit.

We are based on Oahu but private Hawaii Island (Big island) tours are available, especially for photographer or photography lover, please contact us.

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To be continued

Day 3
Daytime: Holoholo at Kona town
Night time: Sacred Lake

Day 4,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side
Night time: Lava viewing site

Day 5,
Daytime, Holoholo Hilo town and Lava tree
Night time: Lava boat

Day 6,
Daytime: Daytime: Honoholo at Hilo town
Night time: Lava viewing

Day 7,
Daytime: Look for Iiwi
Night time: Halemaumau creator

Day 8,
Rainbow fall, black sand beach, south point and come back to Oahu.