hawaii photography trip 5

We went to Hawaii island (Big Island) to check them out what they have. we are going to start tours on Hawaii Island (Big Island) as a photographer.

Day 1,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side and Night time: Mauna Kea

Day 2,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side and Night time: Sacred Lake

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Day 3
Daytime: Holoholo at Kona town and Night time: Sacred Lake

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Day 4,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side and Night time: Lava viewing site

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Day 5,
Daytime, Lava tree and Night time: Lava Boat

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Day 6,

Daytime, Holoholo at Hilo town

Just walking around at small Hilo town. Stop by farmer’s market which I bought Lehua honey and paleo. We run into local gallery. He took wonderful photo. There was a lady in the gallery. When we walked in, she said oh I have good idea take picture of this picture. then she was looking for her phone in her bag and I said I think that is disrespectful. she said Nooo. I said yes and it is rude. if you want to take picture you must ask him (I pointed stuff at the desk. it is long gallery he was 90ft away.) and he notice what we are talking about and he screamed at her, no, no picture! and still she said why?

This is reason why if you wonder why. A photographer spend lots of money and countless time to get one shot and you take a picture in the gallery of our artwork? please respect our time and passion to get that one shot. If you do not want to pay for our art work, you need to try to take one shot by your self.


Night time: Lava viewing site

First day, we walked to lava vewing site that was biggest mistake I had on this trip! I do do do do recommend rent a bike at biggining of the trail. There are lot of bike rental shops. I assume a lot of people, you want to go at sunset to night time to see lava. The bike shop open time is depends on the shop. We saw a sign few shops open 24 hours. You should ask what time they are close if you wan to go to see lava at night time. Some of the shop charge you extra if you come back later than 9 pm. We rent from a small shop, they are really nice, he said we close around 9 pm if we closed when you come back you can just lock and leave bikes on the side of shop. This is very good for us becaurse we don’t know how long we will stay, I don’t want to get stress on certain time has to return the bike. They gave us head light and bottle of water also they told us if you get flat tire give us a call we will get you. (*some point does not have cell phone reception or the car is not allowed to go in.) and we realized how easy a bike ride! and save a lot of time (we did 30 min instead of 70 min walk.) I do recommend rent a bike, 100%!

We are based on Oahu but private Hawaii Island (Big island) tours are available, especially for photographer or photography lover, please contact us.

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To be continued

Day 7,
Daytime: Look for Iiwi
Night time: Halemaumau creator

Day 8,
Rainbow fall, black sand beach, south point and come back to Oahu.


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