Hawaii Photography trip 3

We went to Hawaii island (Big Island) to check them out what they have. we are going to start tours on Hawaii Island (Big Island) as a photographer.

Day 1,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side and Night time: Mauna Kea

Day 2,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side and Night time: Sacred Lake

Please go to Big island photo trip Day 1 and 2 http://hawaiirealnaturetours.com/hawaii-photography-trip

Day 3
Daytime: Holoholo at Kona town and Night time: Sacred Lake

Please go to http://hawaiirealnaturetours.com/hawaii-photography-trip-2

Day 4,
Daytime: Snorkeling at Kona side

This is another reason we came to big island. see my old friend spinner dolphin in Hawaii Island! Visibility wasn’t too bad, maybe 50 dolphins around me. They were so relaxing and mum and baby came up to me. Definitely we spend wonderful time with them and hopefully we didn’t bother them…

Night time: Lava viewing site

Another hard hike on this trip. We had high mountain hiking two days in row, already swam in 2 hours in this morning and now stupidly decided to WALK to lave viewing point which is 4.5 miles. 4.5 mile doesn’t sounds like very hard but we didn’t know we have to walk another one hour to see lava up close on the unstaible lava ground.  Lava is very sharp like a walking on broken glass ground. If you fall you will make quit good scar on you so I reccomend wear at least cover your knees and you must wear comfirtable shoes NOT sandles.

This is a where you need to walk to see a red lava. You walk around 45 min just be careful, some of the places you will feel heat from ground and carefully look at the crack, there is LAVA creek(?) just underneath you and carefully start look for the lava place.

Take a look at this instagram picture, you need to walk toward to the right side of mountain to see red lava.

Lava is alive, moving a lot. It is a madam Pele the volcano/fire goddness in there. The temperature of lava is 700 and 1,200 degrees C (1,300 to 2,200 F)

I really liked the time we went. During sunset and stayed until dark. After dark, how do I go back to trail? We didn’t know, we had no idea but there is lots of people coming from trail so you can find way.

Bring a lot of water and a hut, if you go after dark or coming back after dark, you MUST have flush light (recommend head light).

We are based on Oahu but private Hawaii Island (Big island) tours are available, especially for photographer or photography lover, please contact us.

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To be continued

Day 5,
Daytime, Lava tree
Night time: Lava boat

Day 6,
Daytime: Daytime: Honoholo at Hilo town
Night time: Lava viewing

Day 7,
Daytime: Look for Iiwi
Night time: Halemaumau creator

Day 8,
Rainbow fall, black sand beach, south point and come back to Oahu.


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